We all would like to do something meaningful in our lives. If not full time then at least part time.

Either it’s your afternoon, second job or retirement hobby​ – it feels good to do something that can help other people and also help yourself – to do something that you like and you are happy with – something that has a meaning.

​And this is exactly what it’s all about with our Partner Program, that you can join right now – help people to be more conscious, more aware and throughout this – make their life better.

Isn’t it a great way to make money?

I think it is and it’s not only my opinion, but opinion of my friends and people that interacted with my business as well.

My name is Greg, I started this online store, selling mindfulness products some time back and I received a great feedback from my friends and people around me
(if you didn’t see “NOW” Watch online store yet – here it is).

Since then I was looking for a possibility of sharing this online venture with others​. And here it is – Welcome to NOW Watch Partner Program.

Now it’s open for everyone to join and spread the idea and sell these products online.
And it’s not difficult, you can just share custom link on your social media or website (if you have one) and all the sales will be automatically added to your online partner account.

You can learn more and sign-up here.

Also you can ask me any questions you want – I’m happy to clarify everything for you.

You can even go one step further – build your own network of partners / affiliates and earn % of the sales generated by them.
And the best thing is – if you are interested in mindfulness, meditation, yoga or spirituality – your friends will love this idea and welcome your work with a great feedback.
It’s fun and pleasant part-time job – I guarantee that.

Good luck and hope you will join us NOW 🙂

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