DREAM Project is an Education and Mentoring organization based in Dominican Republic. DREAM main focus is providing better education to children in this beautiful country.
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15 % of all the profits from this website goes to the DREAM Project.


About Me

About Me

My name is Greg. Originally I’m from Poland. Last 4 years I’ve been traveling, living and working in Dubai, recently I’m spending a lot of time In Dominican Republic. A place that inspires me and keeps me motivated to do projects like this one. Now Watch. Till now – probably the thing in my life that I’m the most proud of.

As a big fan of “The Power of Now” written by Eckhart Tolle, I’m always trying to encourage people to read this book. It is also one of the reasons why I decided to do the NOW Watch project. However I feel that I should warn you – if you will read this book, it can change your life. There is no turning back.

About People

Even before I started selling these watches the feedback was already amazing. I also gave away a lot of them. During my travels people were sometimes literally taking them off from my hand. It was a great feeling and even a greater motivation to finally start this website.

More products coming soon! A gallery of the happy NOW Watch users will be published here shortly.

BIG Thank you to all of you for all the warm words.