What is The Power of Now

The phrase The Power of Now can have a few meanings but they are all closely related to each other. It has all started in 1997 when Eckhart Tolle has published his first book – ‘The Power Of Now’. Till today it has been sold in millions of copies around the world and translated into … Continue reading What is The Power of Now

What Is Mindfulness Technique

Mindfulness technique is simply any way of practicing mindfulness that you will choose. There are many ways of practicing mindfulness but the goal is one – to be fully present in the moment. Mindfulness in reality is practicing being fully present in the moment. The goal is to just be here and now and enjoying … Continue reading What Is Mindfulness Technique

Gifts For Mindfulness Enthusiast

The purpose of this article is to walk you through our store. Many of our clients are purchasing products from us for gifts/presents for many different occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. In this article we will explain you which products are good for a particular person. We have many suiting gifts for a mindfulness enthusiast. … Continue reading Gifts For Mindfulness Enthusiast

Cheap Wood Watches For Man

One thing that strikes you when you are looking for wood watches around the internet is that they are quite expensive. I’m very happy to say that our wood watches are possibly the cheapest ones out there. Why our wood watches are cheap you are wondering? Because we are not in the wood watches niche … Continue reading Cheap Wood Watches For Man

The Now Watch

For me it has all stared from a hot stone. The feeling of a hot stone, heated by the sun, made me focus solely on my body sense perceptions. Then the mind stopped. The peacefulness and pleasure of this moment is impossible to describe. The feeling of being in The NOW is priceless. For Eckhart … Continue reading The Now Watch

The Time Is Now Watch

Today (3rd July 2019) The Time is NOW to briefly tell you where are we with NOWwatch website and what are our plans for the future. My name is Greg and I’m the founder of NOWwatch website. I’m pretty amazed by the feedback and overall response that I’m receiving from the people who interact with … Continue reading The Time Is Now Watch