The Now Watch

For me it has all stared from a hot stone. The feeling of a hot stone, heated by the sun, made me focus solely on my body sense perceptions. Then the mind stopped. The peacefulness and pleasure of this moment is impossible to describe. The feeling of being in The NOW is priceless. For Eckhart … Continue reading The Now Watch

The Time Is Now Watch

Today (3rd July 2019) The Time is NOW to briefly tell you where are we with NOWwatch website and what are our plans for the future. My name is Greg and I’m the founder of NOWwatch website. I’m pretty amazed by the feedback and overall response that I’m receiving from the people who interact with … Continue reading The Time Is Now Watch

What is The Power of Now

The phrase ‘The Power of Now’ can have a few meanings but they are all closely connected to each other. It has all started in 1997 when Eckhart Tolle published his first book – ‘The Power Of Now’. Till today it has been sold in millions of copies around the world and translated into over … Continue reading What is The Power of Now

What is Mindfulness For

Mindfulness was an underestimated term for a very long time. Mainly due to the fact that it was treated as a term, as an another piece of knowledge – some spiritual definition or a mind content to learn. Recently it’s booming massively and it seems that it is only a beginning of a new great … Continue reading What is Mindfulness For

What is Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness basically doesn’t exist without practice. The knowledge/ definitions/explanations what Mindfulness means are only a partial value. You have to practice mindfulness to understand and feel what it really is. Benefits of mindfulness are uncountable. The trend is growing worldwide. People practice mindfulness for many different reasons: work, relationships, spiritual reasons and many more. It … Continue reading What is Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness Game

Mindfulness needs a practice. To get deeper in being mindful, to finally awaken you need to practice being present, not only knowing what it means. If you already felt the glimpses of awakening/ of being fully present and alive – you know that it’s worth to go down that path. The term ‘mindfulness’ can be … Continue reading Mindfulness Game

Donate Your Book!

Join us in this new charity action! Donate any book that you have and you don’t need it anymore. The rules are super simple: 1.) Post on Facebook a photo of a book that you want to donate. Write in the post description (copy + paste): BOOK DONATION. Join me in this NEW CHARITY ACTION! … Continue reading Donate Your Book!

Now Watch

Do you agree with me the the feeling of being fully alive is a precious thing? Do you agree with me that this feeling is often escaping from you because of the mental noise and emotions that are sometimes overtaking you when you did not necessarily want that? That’s why practicing to be present is … Continue reading Now Watch

Practicing The Power Of Now

“The Power Of Now” book by Eckhart Tolle was first published in 1997. In 1997 only 3000 copies were printed. First larger publishing took place in the year 1999. Today – 20 years later – the book is still booming. Looks like it is booming like never before. What happened though during the last 20 … Continue reading Practicing The Power Of Now