Living the NOW in Cabarete

I guess there are many places in this World that you can say that there are good places to live. I know the place where you live depends of your character and life situation. I know as well that the opinions about places to live are only opinions – a thoughts generated by our mind, … Continue reading Living the NOW in Cabarete

What is The Power of Now

The phrase The Power of Now can have a few meanings but they are all closely related to each other. It has all started in 1997 when Eckhart Tolle has published his first book – ‘The Power Of Now’. Till today it has been sold in millions of copies around the world and translated into … Continue reading What is The Power of Now

What Is Mindfulness Technique

Mindfulness technique is simply any way of practicing mindfulness that you will choose. There are many ways of practicing mindfulness but the goal is one – to be fully present in the moment. Mindfulness in reality is practicing being fully present in the moment. The goal is to just be here and now and enjoying … Continue reading What Is Mindfulness Technique