Ways of Mediatation

Although many forms of meditation can be found in ancient religious traditions around the world, the practice as a formal component of a spiritual path is probably most closely associated with Buddhism. The Buddha founded an experiential path that inspired generations of practitioners to sit in mindful awareness and breathe their way to lasting peace. … Continue reading Ways of Mediatation

Are You Ready to Awaken?

{A common question that is asked, especially by new readers of Eckhart’s books who are very excited by the ideas, is “how can I share this with my friends and family.”?} It is very important to realize that not every one is ready to receive these teachings. So the more important question to ask is, … Continue reading Are You Ready to Awaken?

DREAM Project

15 % of the profits from this website goes to the DREAM Project.  The DREAM Project provides more than 732,000 hours of quality education to more than 8,200 children through 14 different programs across 27 communities in the Dominican Republic. In addition, DREAM programs indirectly benefit thousands more each year by reaching our students’ family … Continue reading DREAM Project

Guest Blog

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