Cheap Wooden Watches For men

One thing that strikes you when you are looking for wood watches around the internet is that they are quite expensive.
I’m very happy to say that our wooden watches are possibly the cheapest ones out there. Why our wood watches are cheap you are wondering?
Because we are not in the wood watches niche and we are not competing with other wood watches online stores. We are in mindfulness niche and producing mindfulness accessories. We love wood watches, and this is why we have them. We are also very happy that we can offer them for very cheap to you.
Don’t think that the quality is not good though – the same watches you would find around the internet for hundreds of dollars. It’s just that we want to offer our mindfulness accessories to our clients for an affordable price.
Our mission is to share mindfulness and this is our primary focus.

As you have probably noticed already – our watches are not just an ordinary watches – they carry a word written on the watch dial – the word NOW.
It may be surprising for you if you are visiting our website for the very first time.
If you have some experience with mindfulness or you have read the #1 New York Times bestseller book The Power of Now, you may already have an idea why the word NOW resides on the watch dial.
If you don’t know, let me explain you shortly.

NOW is a state when you stop the compulsive thinking, that our minds are so used to, and you enter a state of deep and pleasant inner stillness. We have a separate article on this website about what is the power of now and I encourage you to read it.
If you came so far maybe NOW is the time for you for a great inner change that so many people have already gone through.
At the same time you may realize that our wooden watches carry a much greater value (either though they are cheap) than others – they show time but they also remind you that the time is an illusion.

The real bible of mindfulness and being present is the book called The Power Of Now.
If you haven’t read it yet – I think you should.
There might be a reason why you are here.
The time for a change for you is NOW.

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