Donate Your Book!

Join us in this new charity action! Donate any book that you have and you don’t need it anymore.
The rules are super simple:
1.) Post on Facebook a photo of a book that you want to donate.
Write in the post description: BOOK DONATION. Join me for this NEW CHARITY ACTION! I will donate my book. Pay $5 to any charity organization from the list (or other one of your choice) and send me a proof of payment. I will ship the book to you.
Here’s the link:
Please like and share!

2.) When someone will send you a proof of payment then ship the book to that person + remove the post from your social media.
3.) That’s it!

Featured charity organizations:

Global Giving:
Canada Helps:
Dream Project:

If you are here to donate – make sure to provide a screenshot or a proof of payment to the owner of the book together with your shipping address!


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