International Be Present In The Moment Day

The Time is NOW to celebrate the day of Presence. International “Be Present In The Moment” Day – annual event when we should all focus on being present in the moment and encourage others to do the same.
It is also a day of sharing the idea of being present with all the people that haven’t awakened yet.
It is also a great day to start this life-changing topic with your friends and family and most importantly – it is a day for you to practice being present in the NOW.

W have decided to start this International day on Sunday 25th August. Every attempt to practice being present can’t go wrong. Every attempt to help other people to awaken  is also a part of the mission of those who have already crossed this line.
Remembering that not everyone is ready to awaken in this very moment of their lives – let’s share the message with the World.
Revolution in consciousness is possibly one way to start the shift in humanity and start saving our planet instead of constantly destroying it.
The International “Be Present In The Moment Day” will be a second event similar to the International Mindfulness Day that is concerning the topic of living mindful in the present moment.

If you are not familiar with mindfulness or being present in the moment, I encourage you to read an article posted on this website explaining What Is The Power Of Now.

On the day of 25th August I encourage you to go for a long walk and just be there and enjoy being.
We have a free online Mindfulness Game based on this website that you may find as a useful tool to practice being present in the NOW.

Share the message and stay present 🙂

Be Present In The Moment Day

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