Living The Now in Cabarete Dominican Republic

I guess there are many places in this World that you can say that there are good places to live. I know the place where you live depends of your character and life situation. I know as well that the opinions about places to live are only opinions – a thoughts generated by our mind, derived from our ego. I know as well that any thought can be as real as the thought that it is the opposite to this thought.
In reality thoughts are only mind creations and as such they can’t be true or false. They are just thoughts.
Saying that one place is better to live than other is just another thought. I know it and I assume you know it as well. All awakened people, and I can see that majority of the people that are interacting with this website are awakened, see this paradox.

For some reason though, as I lived in a quite few places in this world, I can say that there are places where I simply feel good. Where I feel more in the NOW than in other places, where I feel more alive than in the other places. For some reason these places are usually full of people that moved there due to the similar feeling.
One of the places where I feel alive and living in the now is the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Especially city (small town in reality) called Cabarete.
Cabarete is for me place where I really live in the NOW, and I’m not the only one.
I’ve met there quite a lot of people that live and feel the same way, not mentioning that Dominicans are kind of naturally somewhat in that state.
I love living in the NOW and I love the the Dominican Republic. I love Cabarete.

Living The NOW in Cabarete

Don’t mistaken Dominican Republic to vacation in Punta Cana. Dominican Republic is a big country. Counting immigrants from Haiti and Venezuela it will have around 13 million people. Driving from Punta Cana (vacation resort city where all the all inclusive hotels are) to Cabarete takes around 6 hours.

The North Coast of Dominican Republic is as well a tourist destination. You can find here hotels, bars, nightclubs, all the most popular water sports like surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, scuba diving, you can learn to dance salsa, bachata or merengue and do 100s of other things.
Most special for me here is a beautiful and diversified coast and great mix of people. You can find here travelers, artists, water sports fans, digital nomads and many, many open minded people that are open to spend time together, hang out together or respect you being alone if you prefer that. It is still being alone surrounded by a good energy and intriguing environment.
Off season days can be here very quiet but it only opens for you new doors, possibilities – it simply opens your mind and soul for new things. Having said that – in my opinion there is simply no bad time to come here.

I’ve been myself to Cabarete quite a few times until I have finally admitted to myself that this is simply the place to be for me. This is the place where I live the NOW.
I moved to Cabarete some time back and now I live here. The energy of this place was always dragging me back. I finally stopped resisting. I don’t know where I will be in the future but for sure I know where I want to be NOW.
I’m working online, have few sources of income and I just started a full time job in a Spanish School here where travelers can come to learn Spanish in a beautifully located school, having classes with local teachers.

There are many interesting people who live here, moved here or spend here at least some part of the year. Most of the are US or Canada expats/travelers (it is 2 hours flight from Miami, 4h flight from New York, Montreal or Toronto).
The mix of Dominican people and expats make this place special. Not forgetting that it is simply a beautiful Caribbean island 🙂

Don’t get me wrong – the place is far away from perfect. The country is still developing and it would be very risky to say that it is developing fast. Mostly more true statement would be that the time stopped in most of the country.
This is possibly as well one of the ingredients of this special mix. It seems that here majority of the people are not taking part in the rat race and they don’t care about the system, they just leave a beautiful and simple life. This is a very contagious energy and feeling – the feeling that pursuing the race and the system is simply waste of time and life. Once you will feel it, it may be one of the reasons you will be dragged back to this place.

I don’t want to list here all the bad and good aspects of the country and the North Coast. In the end it can only be my opinion. I strongly encourage you to visit and see it by yourself. Some people hate it, some people love it. I’m for sure in the second group. Feel free to ask me more about Dominican Republic in the comments below or through the contact page. I’m happy to answer your questions or give you some advises.

I don’t know personally the author of the video above, but it shows quite well the Cabarete vibes.

During my stay here I’m trying to support the local community as much as I can. You may have already noticed the sign on the home page – that 15% of profits from this website go to the charity organization based in Cabarete (heplping kids get a better education) – DREAM Project. 

Dominican Republic is as well one of the first places where NOW Watches and other products from this website have a local distribution.

We have a local ambassador – Ania, who lives on the island many years and Cabarete is her home now 🙂
You can find Ania’s social media here:
NOW Watch Instagram
ANIA’s private Instagram

Dominican Republic NOW Ambasador

Please feel free to contact her if you want to get any of the NOW products or if you are based in Dominican Republic and you would like to start cooperation with us 🙂



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