Elite business leaders began to come to a consensus about the future of leadership in the 2000s; workplace wellness matters.

Employees can spend upwards of 2,500 hours a year at work. How they feel during that time has a broad range of effects on productivity, retention, and workplace culture. So much in fact, that a consensus of workplace research has indicated that the return on investment for workplace wellness programs is 3.27, meaning for every dollar spent, the company sees $3.27
in return.

These savings come from lower absenteeism and retention, as well as higher overall productivity.
Mindfulness training has emerged as a leading choice for business leaders looking to implement a wellness program in their company. Mindfulness is the “quality of being present and fully engaged with the moment.”

The ability to practice mindfulness, (in one of any of the many forms), contributes to decreases in overall stress and increases in energy and quality of sleep.
Essentially, mindfulness contributes to all of the attributes of employee wellness programs that create positive and productive working environments.

NOW watches recently partnered with Nurturing Our Wellbeing (N.O.W), a workplace wellness organization founded by Angelique Benois, BA, MScN, Psychotherapist.

Angelique is a registered yoga instructor, psychotherapist and nurse specializing in emotional and mental health. She works with organizations worldwide to embed mindfulness in workplace culture. Her work teaches employees to identify and deal with a variety of workplace stresses and problems.
Her work through Nurturing Our Wellbeing focuses on a number of workshops facilitated virtually or in person directly with employees of an organization.

Workshops can be as short as a one-hour webinar, or as long as two days, with the focus being on learning practical mindfulness techniques for the workplace.

For more information on the workshops, or to connect with Angelique, visit
www.nurturingourwellbeing.com or email [email protected]

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