Mindfulness needs a practice. To get deeper in being mindful, to finally awaken you need to practice being present, not only knowing what it means. If you already felt the glimpses of awakening/ of being fully present and alive – you know that it’s worth to go down that path.

The term ‘mindfulness’ can be sometimes misunderstood. The term itself implies that your mind should be full of things, when in reality it should be free of thoughts. This state is the real mindfulness.

The picture above describes clearly what is the difference between being mindful and ‘mind full’ 🙂

Mindfulness can be achieved simply by being present in the moment, by being in the NOW. However it is very easy to say, it’s very hard to do.

Our mind is a very noisy machine. It’s very difficult to quiet it down and this is a necessary condition to feel the deep and pleasant inner peace that Eckhart Tolle is referring to in his book “The Power Of Now”.

Being present requires practice. You have to practice being present and observing your thought patterns rather than letting them overtake you. Without practice your mind won’t let you access the NOW so easily. Your mind was producing thoughts whole your life, this won’t stop by itself. It’s also not enough to only know that you are not fully present and not fully conscious – this is just another mental content. It’s just another thought.

Mindfulness is not a knowledge, and it’s not a gift, it’s a certain skill. Perhaps some people can access it more easily, for others it will take more time but mindfulness, presence and awakening is achievable for everyone. Also for you. Especially for you. As you are already here, reading this article. This means that you are ready for it. And you should do it NOW.

Read our article about Practicing ‘The Power Of Now’ here. We have created a game that will help you practice being present. You can download it for free, print it by yourself and practice daily, you can find it also as a product in our store.

Good luck and stay present 🙂

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