Today, when our eyes are pointed in screens almost constantly and when we always seem to be in a hurry, it is easy to forget that the only reality we have is the one occurring right now. We’re contemplating the future, or regretting things from the past, so it’s no wonder that nearly any man on earth feels like he lost the sense of ‘now’ at a certain point in his life.

More and more people are trying to renew this innate sense of consciousness. As a result, mindfulness has been brought to life once again, not only as a meditation practice but as a decision to be fully present and aware of our every thought and action. Mindfulness is not a mysterious concept or something only few can achieve. It is an ability each of us possesses by birth. However, in modern times it is certainly something extremely easy to forget.

This is why it’s important to remind yourself every day that you need to bring awareness back to your senses in order to revive this long forgotten, yet indescribably important skill. It is also important to send this message to those around you, helping them to improve their well-being and quality of life through staying present and conscious.

You can teach your loved ones through words or by sharing books, but you can also share a mindfulness gift, something that will remind them to practice every day. In this way, technology can actually help us, rather than pulling us away from the present. A perfect example are the Now Watches. These unique accessories are specially designed for those on a mindfulness journey.

Unlike a regular watch that constantly reminds you of the passage of time, Now Watches are doing the exact opposite. The only thing they will point to is NOW. This bold statement printed across a stylish design may seem simple, yet in reality, it is the only reminder of mindfulness you and your loved ones really need.

It’s a perfect statement piece, and in a way allows the wearer to spread the message of mindfulness to others, in an indirect and nonobtrusive manner. This is why Now Watch is one of the best mindfulness gifts. It doesn’t only remind the person of their own practice, but also allows them to share the idea with every passerby that they encounter. This gives it a larger value, as it speaks for the wearer in a way, and gives him the opportunity to not only be a student but also an inspiration to everyone he meets.

If you’re looking for a perfect mindfulness gift or an accessory, that is just as simple as the mindfulness concept itself, then it’s safe to say that the Now Watch is an ideal choice that will make a visible and tangible change in its wearer’s life.

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