Being present in the now

Yes you read me right.
I just attacked you. Did your ego get hurt?
Of course you will say: no.
You just came here to check what kind of unconscious worm had a right to say that + maybe you will decide to quickly scan the text below to make sure that you did not miss out on anything, right?
Please do – scroll quickly and check what this is all about.

Just before you start reading – this article is for the people who are familiar with ‘The Power Of Now’ and Eckhart Tolle’s teachings.
If you are not familiar with it, you might want to read instead this article: What Is The Power Of Now

Ok, first of all – I did not want to offend you. How even could I?
You are an enlightened person, right?

I just want to check how it is really going with you and with your ‘being present in the Now’?
Because I discovered a common problem that is preventing people from being present in the Now.
It is almost an obvious mistake but we are all still doing it.

I had the same, and I still have it but now I’m doing a lot better and the progress with being present in the NOW is impressive.

First let me start with 3 traps that I see that people who are ‘present’ are falling into.

Trap 1: I’m present – my mind says.

You tend to talk to yourself that you are present and you even tell people around you that you are present and they should be too.
Yet you see that your mind is busy almost whole day with thoughts.
How long are you present at most? 1 minute? 5 minutes? And then you are 2 hours away somewhere – wherever your mind is taking you?
Yet you know that you have crossed that line and you were present many times and you know that you can get back to it anytime when you will have… time… in the future.
Being present in the now turns easily into a thinking of being present.
You are thinking instead of being.

Trap 2: I’m present in the now – so my mission now is to save the world and educate people.

Instead of you being present now you are on an another mind created task.
There’s no time to be in the now. It’s time to spread the word. Save the planet. Help to create ‘A New Earth’.
It is a more common trap than you think it is.
Many people convert being in the now into an another mind pattern.
Yes, I agree – the intentions are good but… don’t waste your time for living another delusion. Live the now. Now will never come back, it is only now. Appreciate it and enjoy it.

Trap 3: Nothing really matters.

You have opened your eyes. Now you see all the delusions. You are starting to think that it’s great to be on the other side but also… you start to think that nothing really matters anymore…
All things in life are turning into a a meaningless stream of events.
The happiness and and emotions are no longer existing in the same way. Nothing is really the same anymore. It all doesn’t really matter.
Be careful.
Be aware who is talking here. It’s just a new mind pattern and a new philosophy. Don’t get attached to it. Let it go.

How to not fall in the traps and be present.

Most of the people are overlooking a crucial thing.
You can’t really think your way into presence.

“Inhabit your body” – that’s the essence of Eckhart Tolle’s teachings.
Whatever you are doing in any given moment – feel your body from within.
Feel only your hands if that’s easier in the beginning.
Feel your body.
Feel the energy within.
When you are looking at something – engage your whole body.
When you are talking with someone – feel your whole body.
Inhabit your body.
Breathing it’s also a form of inhabiting your body. You can do that too if that helps.

This is the most overlooked element that people tend to forget about.
This is most commonly the missing element preventing people from being present in the now.
As simple as that.
There are no complicated answers in being present.
Inhabit your body. Be with your body all the time. Now.

Drop a comment below if you want to share something with others.

Good luck and stay present.


The blog title and the featured image might look provoking – and that was the only goal – to grab your attention. For sure there was no intention of offending anyone 🙂

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  1. The best way to be in the now is to practice Transcendental Meditation ( regularly.
    The measurement of brain physiology corresponding to the experience of Pure Awareness proves it.

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