Exciting times ahead!

Possibly the best job in the world – helping people to be more conscious + you can do it online!

Recently I started a small online business – selling watches that show no time, they have only a sign: “NOW”. (Please have a look here: https://nowwatch.org ) I encountered a great feedback and people around me love these watches and the idea.

I decided to make it possible for everyone to promote my online store and make money online in a very simple way!

Now you can become my PARTNER and sell “NOW” watches online – without any technical background / knowledge!

We are introducing NOW Watch Partner Program.

It’s super simple!

1.) Sign-up here:


2.) You will see a special link within your panel – use it to promote NOW Watch online store. 

Post it on Facebook, website or wherever you want. Every click and sale will be saved to your account.

You will be able to see your live statistics! (number of people who visited the website after they clicked your link)

3.) Earn 30% commission for every sale! 

You will get paid monthly – for every sale that was made through your link.

4.) That’s it. Really. So simple.

We are excited to have you in our team! Sign-up NOW 🙂


If you have any questions just email us here: contact form

P.S. 2

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, running a blog or a website - you can do it here 

If you want a quick introduction to the topic - please see this great article by Neil Patel