“Breathe” Meditation Bracelet

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Breathe meditation bracelet. Stainless steel bracelet with ‘breathe’ sign.

  • Mat look, stainless steel bangle with engraved and polished sign ‘breathe’
  • 2 sizes available – for man and woman
  • Free return / change of product
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping above $75


‘Breathe’ Meditation Bracelet

‘Breathe’ bracelet is a perfect reminder for a mindfulness or meditation enthusiast.
Breathing is a great portal to stay rooted in the present moment.
Focusing on your breath moves your attention from the thinking mind to the consciousness.

This bangle / bracelet is a great gift idea for anyone who likes yoga, mindfulness, meditation or modern spirituality.

Key facts about ‘breathe’ meditation bracelet:

  • We have two sizes of this bracelet – for a man and for a woman
  • The size of these bangles can be slightly adjusted
  • Material: stainless steel
  • We offer free shipping on all orders over $75
  • We ship worldwide
  • You can return the product that you have purchased, and receive a full refund, if the product won’t meet your expectations.
  • Woman’s bangle size is 6mm wide (0,23 inch) and has a 56 mm (2,2 inch) space inside between the farthest edges.
  • Man’s bangle size is 6mm wide (0,23 inch) and has 65 mm (2,6 inch) space inside between the farthest edges.


In its essence, meditation is a practice of observing and learning to control your own mind by focusing on breathing or feeling your body from within.

To meditate you don’t have to necessarily sit in a lotus pose with your eyes closed.

To observe your mind and move your attention to your body or to your breathing you don’t need these conditions. You can do that anytime and anywhere.

Every time when you are observing your thought process and you are not attaching yourself to your thinking – you are meditating. You can do that during a walk, during your daily activities or even at work.

Your own breath is a kind of anchor that moves your attention to the present moment – to the now.

Your mind usually produces thoughts about future or past. In the present moment, in the realm of now, you can see how your thought patterns are travelling in time. Or at least trying to travel. You should not follow them.
It is recommended at a beginning of your meditation practices to let go all the thoughts that are appearing and to keep the connection with the breathing action.

‘Breathe’ bracelet is a good reminder to take a conscious breath and get out of the thinking patterns, that we often fall into very vulnerably.

Meditation has many benefits. To read more about it, and learn how to do it, you can head down to this article about meditation.


The mission of our website is to rise the awareness about how being present in the now can change your life and the whole world.

As we have mentioned above, conscious breathing can bring you to the light of presence. In the present moment your mind stops, your thinking processes stop. The feeling of aliveness and clarity arises within you.

Usually these moments of a deep presence are short, especially in the beginning. With time they are getting longer. Practices like meditation are helping to prolong these moments.

As breathing is a good anchor to keep yourself in the now, as well feeling your body is. There are few gateways to the now.

If you want to read more about being in the present moment and gateways that can take you there I encourage you to read this article.

People who are rooted in the now often experience true awakening. In that state you see the separation between your self-created ego and the deepness of your consciousness. You are coming to a simple question: if I’m looking at my own thoughts. Then who is the one looking? Who is the “I”…

If you are still looking for the answer to this question, we recommend you an e-book that we have created. It is a compilation of the famous books that lead towards awakening.

You can learn more about it here.

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  1. Sara gideons

    Though I was skeptical at first, the bracelet is of superb quality and crafted to fit perfectly. With all the minimalist lifestyle catching up with me I may not wear a ton of jewelry but this unique, stylish bracelet got me. With its initials ‘Breathe’ inscribed into the piece reminding you to stay rooted at the present moment.

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