Practicing The Power Of NOW – Mindfulness Game

Start your daily mindfulness exercises and practice being present.
Observe great results and positive change within yourself shortly after starting the practice.

  • Game consists of 5 cards with a daily mindfulness practice.
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Get into a state of deep and pleasant inner peace, get better at work, improve your personal life and confidence. The benefits of mindfulness are countless.
Read more about the game here:
UNMANIFESTED Mindfulness Game


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Practicing mindfulness can improve every area of your life. Start NOW.

The game carries its name from Eckhart Tolle’s famous book ‘The Power of Now’.
Eckhart Tolle uses this term to describe the state when people are connected with the universe.

The Game consist of 5 cards. Each card has a daily mindfulness exercise.

Full description of the game can be found here: UNMANIFESTED 


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