NOW Bamboo straws

NOW Bamboo Straws.
Start using natural, beautiful, and eco-friendly straws.
Ideal for drinks at home and even take them with you when you are going out!

  • Made of natural bamboo
  • 5 multi-use bamboo straws packed in a canvas pouch
  • Worldwide shipping
  • If you order this product, you will receive two free gifts; the Mindfulness Game and Awakening Quotes


Bamboo drinking straws

Bamboo straws are a great replacement for plastic single-use straws.

It’s a good way to manifest an eco-way of life by having them at home, at a bar or at a restaurant.

We encourage you to post on social media all the activities that you are using eco-friendly products – it’s a great way to share the eco way of thinking with others.

There’s a good saying about using plastic straws; “It’s just 1 straw” … said 8 billion people.

These straws are made from real whole bamboo stalks. They are washable and reusable. What’s not to like?!
The diameter of a single straw can differ slightly as they are made of a real plant.

Key facts about bamboo drinking straws:

  • 1 package contains 5 bamboo drinking straws
  • You will receive the straws packaged in a cotton bag
  • Material: natural bamboo
  • Multi-use product


Bamboo is one of the Earth’s fastest growing plants, which means that it is a very eco-friendly material. Bamboo is also producing a lot of oxygen and absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide (in comparison to similar plants) and therefore, helping our environment.

Some of the best features of bamboo is that it’s extremely renewable and sustainable compared to other materials, for example cotton or wood.

Problem with plastics

We encourage you to replace plastic straws with reusable, biodegradable bamboo ones.

Bamboo drinking straws are a fun and eco-friendly alternative to plastic that can be used with any beverage.
It is now clear that plastics that are not biodegradable are becoming a worldwide problem.

As humankind, we should work together in the direction of removing the single use plastics from our lives whenever it is possible.

The amount of plastic that is constantly accumulating in our world, is becoming a real challenge for our environment. The rapidly growing human population is causing another problem. Mathematical predictions of plastics that will soon be polluting our planet, especially oceans and rivers, are devastating.

How To Clean Bamboo Straws

You can simply use a jar of warm water with soap to shake them clean or clean them with a pipe cleaner brush.

Bamboo plant is naturally antifungal and antibacterial, it is also naturally pest resistant. These natural characteristics help to keep bamboo products fresh and ready for use.

You can clean and dry your bamboo straws in the same way you do with your dishes, that’s enough to keep them in good condition. You will be able to reuse your bamboo drinking straws for years!

NOW Watch website is attracting people who are enthusiast of mindfulness, living the now, meditation, yoga, eco-friendly living or experienced some sort of awakening after reading ‘The Power Of Now’ book.

The best selling products on this website are NOW Watches.

NOW Watches are reminders to live here and now.

The present moment is the only time that exists. It is the only moment when you can be fully at peace.
Thought processes are circulating around future or past. Both future and past are only visions/stories created by the mind. All the negative emotions, stress or mental suffering are associated with our thinking process.

Creative mind is a great gift, but at the same time is a source of problems. Stress, mental suffering and anxiousness are caused by being somewhere else (thinking) than you actually are. Your mind is projecting time, which will be always an abstract sphere, that cannot be changed. The only change can happen now, the only action can take place now.

The only moment when people feel relief from that constant thought patterns and processes is now, the present moment. NOW is the only time when the thinking mind stops. During that break, between the streams of thoughts, is the only moment when you can really feel the inner peace within.

NOW Watches won’t make you be present all the time, but they are good looking and friendly reminders to come back to ‘now’ whenever your mind takes you away.

While carrying this unique watch, you subconsciously are looking at it once in a while. It is a popular habit, known for most of us, of looking at a watch. At this moment, when you are taking a look at your NOW Watch, it is a great opportunity to take a deep breath and rest in the stillness of NOW.

NOW Watch is also a mindfulness tool that you can carry on your hand on an everyday basis. It captures people’s attention – it is a great conversation starter.

If you purchase bamboo straws on this website, please get back to us with your feedback. We love to hear from like-minded people who appreciate eco-friendly living and Living In The NOW.


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