NOW Cap Black Sign

Black baseball cap with a curved brim and embroidered black “NOW” sign.
This hat carries the best life ideology out there, to live in the now.

  • Unisex size
  • Free return / exchange
  • Worldwide shipping


In stock

Baseball cap that says “NOW” is one of our newest products. We have 2 variations of this cap – with black or white sign.

The black cap with a white ‘NOW’ sign you can find here.

It is a beautiful and simple design with a curved brim and embroidered NOW sign.

The size of the NOW Cap is unisex. You can easily adjust the size to your head.

This cap is a great addition to our famous NOW Watches.


  1. Nipun Mehta

    I have both hats. For everday use I prefer this one. Subtle sign. Good quality.

  2. Sara gideons

    I ordered this to replace a favorite hat I had lost hiking and it was the perfect fit. Being a fan of the curved visor and a low profile crown too I found this cap to be spot-on on these features. Though I don’t prefer logos on my hat the gentle black ‘NOW’ sign really charmed me.

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