NOW Watch “24h NOW” (Real Watch)

NOW Watch reminds you to live in the now!
Enjoy every moment of your life and share this lifestyle with others.
NOW Watch is a great conversation starter.

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Beautifully designed NOW Watch in black.

Wear a watch that will remind you that the only real life happens Here and Now.

NOW Watch is a mindfulness reminder, it shows the time, but also reminds you that time is an illusion. NOW Watch simply points to the essence of life – the Present Moment.

Key facts:

  • Free worldwide shipping on orders over $70
  • Free return / exchange
  • Dimensions:
    – watch case width 37mm / 1,45 inch (unisex size)
    Here’s a printable template of the NOW Watch that you can print, cut out and see if the watch case size suits your wrist size well.
    – band width: 18mm / 0,71 inch
    – band size: 235-240mm / 9.25-9.44 inch.
    You can choose the watch band size (Men’s or Women’s) when adding to the cart. The Men’s watch band is slightly longer than Women’s watch band (other dimensions are the same for both Men’s and Women’s watches)
  • Materials: Silicone strap, alloy case.
  • This watch is not waterproof, not suitable for swimming or bathing in, but is okay in rain.
  • 12 months warranty guaranteed

This version of the watch is not only a gadget to remind you to stay present – it is also a real watch that shows time.

The word NOW is clearly visible on the watch dial which makes the watch a great conversation starter.
It is a very good starting point to share with others the idea of living in the NOW.


Men's, Women's


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