Wooden NOW Watch – Bamboo (Real Watch)

NOW Watch reminds you to live in the now!
Enjoy every moment of your life with the only watch you’ll ever need.

Beautifully designed NOW Watch – bamboo eco version.

Size: Men’s
Watch case dimensions: 44 mm (1,73 inch)

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Beautifully designed wooden NOW Watch – made of bamboo.

Wear a watch that will remind you that the only real life happens Here and Now.
NOW Watch is a mindfulness reminder, it shows the time, but also reminds you that time is an illusion.

Bamboo NOW Watch Key facts:

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  • Free return / exchange
  • This watch is not waterproof, not suitable for swimming or bathing in.
  • Adjustable bracelet size
  • Bracelet and watch case material: bamboo
  • Eco friendly product


Bamboo is one of the eco-friendliest materials on the planet. It is also one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It can grow even up to 1 meter (39 inch) a day!
To give you an example; every 40 minutes it can grow around 1 inch (25 mm)!
Looking globally, it is a very common plant and a very strong material – these are some of the key reasons why it is considered as a very ecological and important material for the environment.
Its qualities and capabilities look very good in comparison to other materials.

Key facts about bamboo:

  • grows very fast – up to 1 meter (3 ft.) a day!
  • doesn’t need that much water as for example cotton to grow
  • very significant resource for Asia (building material, food source)
  • strength similar to a hardwood timber
  • high strength to weight ratio
  • produces more oxygen than similar plants
  • fast renewable plant
  • very sustainable compared to other woods / materials
  • fully biodegradable

Most bamboo species are native to warm and tropical climates. Many species however are found in diverse climates, including cool mountainous regions and highland cloudy forests.

Not all bamboo products are eco-friendly though. Many fabrics are not. Always when there is some chemical processing involved, then it can be an indicator for you, that the given material might not be eco-friendly.

In case of fabrics (towels and clothes) and similar materials, it is more than likely that there were strong chemicals involved in the bamboo processing.

You can assume something very simple, that pure bamboo wooden product is most likely to be eco friendly.
All the products that are not looking like a bamboo wood were probably processed in some way. In that case, you might want to check for yourself on the internet if the given product is considered as an eco-friendly one.

NOW Watches

NOW Watches are reminders to live here and now. The present moment is the only time that exists. It is the only moment when you can fully be at peace.

Thought processes are circulating around future or past. Both future and past are only visions/stories created by the mind. All the negative emotions, stress or mental suffering are associated with our thinking process.

Creative mind is a great gift, but at the same time is a source of problems. Stress, mental suffering, and anxiousness are caused by being somewhere else (thinking) than you actually are. Your mind is projecting time, which will always be an abstract sphere, that cannot be changed. The only change can happen now, the only action can take place NOW!

The only moment when people feel relief from the constant thought patterns and processes, is NOW – the present moment. NOW is the only time when the thinking mind stops. During that break, between the streams of thoughts, is the only moment when you can really feel the inner peace within.

NOW Watches won’t make you be present all the time, but they are good looking and friendly reminders to come back to the present moment whenever your mind takes you away.

While carrying this unique watch, you subconsciously are looking at it once in a while. It is a popular habit, known for most of us, of looking at a watch. At this moment, when you are taking a look at your NOW Watch, it is a great opportunity to take a deep breath and rest in the stillness of NOW.

NOW Watch is also a mindfulness tool that you can carry on your hand on an everyday basis. It captures people’s attention – it is a great conversation starter.

If you purchase a product on this website, please get back to us with your feedback. One of the things that we love about the work we do, is to see the emerging community of people who are Living In The NOW.


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