NOW Watch – Joy Of Now Limited Edition Collection – Women’s (Real Watch)

Long-awaited newest addition to our watch collection!
‘Joy of Now’ Limited edition – only 10 unique NOW watches.

  • Size: Women’s watch
  • 34mm case
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Beautiful combination of silver & rose gold colors

NOW Watch reminds you to live in the now!
Enjoy every moment of your life with the only watch you’ll ever need.

NOW Watch. Joy Of Now Limited Collection

  • This watch is a real watch
  • Beautiful reminder to live in the NOW
  • It is a great way to inspire others to live the present moment
  • You will never need a watch again
  • Free worldwide shipping (free USPS shipping within the US)
  • Free return / exchange
  • 24 months warranty guaranteed
  • Pay securely using your credit card or PayPal


Out of stock

NOW Watch

NOW Watches are inspired by the ‘Power Of Now’ book.
Our mission is to share the ‘living in the now’ way of life with others.

Living in the NOW is a goal itself. NOW is a space where the real life unfolds, it is a sphere where everyone can feel free and full of inner peace.

NOW Watch is a great conversation starter and a manifestation of a lifestyle.
It is also a great reminder to be present and live the life NOW.


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