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Enjoy every moment of your life.
NOW Watch is a great reminder to be present in the moment and live the now.

Beautifully designed Now Watch – white color.

  • Unisex size
  • Worldwide shipping
  • FREE shipping within the US and Canada
  • Free return / change of product

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Beautifully designed Now Watch – white color.

Wear always a watch that will remind you that the only real life happens Here and Now.

Please keep in mind that this Now Watch is a mindfulness reminder – an imitation of a watch. The watch does not contain battery or pointers, it does not show time. It simply shows that time is an illusion.

Key facts:

  • Unisex size
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free return / change of a product
  • Water resistance – It is OK for rain but don’t bath / swim / do watersports wearing the watch.
  • Dimensions: watch case width 37mm (1,45 inch), band width: 18mm (0,71 inch), band length: 240mm (9,45 inch)
  • Materials: alloy watch case, silicone band, NOW sign printed on the inner side of the mineral glass

Practice mindfulness and live in the present moment with the Now Watch.
The watch helps you to be mindful throughout your day, increases your positive energy, and reminds you to feel gratitude for every moment.

The Now Watch is not only a stylish accessory for everyday wear. It is also a great gift idea for the people who meditate, do yoga, practice mindfulness or for travelers.

NOW Watch

Mindfulness in essence is nothing else than living the now. The term of ‘mindfulness‘ is often misperceived. The word implies that your mind should be full of things (thoughts). Being mindful in reality means to be present in the moment – in the now.

The term ‘now’ in this context became popular after Eckhart Tolle published his book ‘The Power Of Now’. The book occurred to be very soon a worldwide bestseller.

‘The Power Of Now’ is not only a book. For many people it was a moment of awakening. It was translated into more than 40 languages and changed the lives of many people around the world.

Author is walking you step by step to discover many delusions that you were living in for many years. All the delusions are caused by your thinking mind that often shuts you down into your small ‘aquarium’ of your mind projections.

The moment of awakening and releasing the boundaries of the mind is a moment of breaking out to a freedom. A freedom that opens many doors for you and ends many of your problems and struggles.

If you are not familiar with The Power Of Now, we encourage you to read the introduction to the book here.

For those of you who are keen to read something about the topic of awakening, we have put together a short and concise $1 e-book that consists of 3 powerful books from this niche (The Power Of Now, The Untethered Soul, The End Of Your World).

You can find the e-book here.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Now Watch:

  • If I won’t like it, can I send it back for free? Is it a full refund? Yes. Just send it back and we will do a full refund.
  • Does it have an electronic touch screen? No. It is an imitation of a watch. Not a real watch. It is a reminder to live the now and as well a good conversation starter. 

More FAQ you can find here.

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  1. Nipun Mehta

    I have both, black and white Now Watches, the white one is more eye-catching but both are awesome

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