Awakening Guide E-book

The goal of this short article is to write an introduction to our new e-book: The Awakening Guide.

The e-book consists of long quotations from 3 books:
‘The Untethered Soul’ by Michael A. Singer,
‘The Power Of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle
and ‘The End Of Your World’ by Adyashanti.

Many people who have read 1 of these books or even all 3 of them don’t quite get the essence of them. It is a very common thing.
If you are still looking for something, or you are not sure that you are awakened, you don’t feel the bliss on the presence – that probably means that the shift in your consciousness didn’t happen within you.
You probably didn’t experience ‘the awakening’.
And that’s totally fine. There is a time for that for everybody.
The fact that you are reading this article may simply mean that the time for you is NOW.

‘Awakening Guide’ is a short and concise e-book with long quotations from the 3 powerful books. The quotations have been put together in a way that will guide you through the essence of their content. They will guide you towards awakening.
The e-book was created in a way to open you eyes on the key delusions of our minds and help you find the bliss of presence.
Be careful.
It may change your life forever.

You can find the e-book here: The Awakening Guide

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