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For me it has all stared from a hot stone. The feeling of a hot stone, heated by the sun, made me focus solely on my body sense perceptions. Then the mind stopped.
The peacefulness and pleasure of this moment is impossible to describe.
The feeling of being in The NOW is priceless.
For Eckhart Tolle for instance it was a result of a deep depression. This was when he felt it for the first time.
Years later as a result of that ‘The Power Of Now’ book came to life.
Everyone who felt the bliss of NOW can have a similar story.
This was also how the history of Now Watch has started for me.
I felt NOW and I knew that this will be my life journey – to practice being in the NOW and stay in the NOW as much as I can.
Now Watch website is just another step in this journey and the journey is the destination.

Today The Power Of Now has changed many lives.
It’s important however how it has changed the lives of so many people.
It didn’t happen just because people read a book like “The Power Of Now”, saw a video or have read an article.
The above is obviously the necessary beginning – to have this “aha” moment – to understand that you are not your mind and you can be an observer of your own thinking – you need to get to know it first by for instance reading a spiritual book.
But there is a very important next step.
The “aha” moment should be followed by the “wow” moment – the moment when you will feel the bliss of NOW.
It can only happen through practice.
You have to try.
Only through trying and practicing you can stop the thinking mind and this is the only condition (stop the compulsive thinking) when you can be fully present.
Practicing being in the now (mindfulness) can open many doors for you.
There is another article on this website about practicing mindfulness – I really recommend you to read it, you will find there precise steps on how to be present in the NOW.

In this article I would like to focus on something else. I would like to share with you my story and the story of NOW Watch.
I felt glimpses of NOW before I read ‘The Power Of Now’. At the time I didn’t know what that was.
After the lecture of Eckhart Tolle’s books I started to go deeper and deeper. It wasn’t a rapid shift at the beginning. But constantly step-by-step the moments of presence were becoming longer and the control over the mind was arising.
Today, few years later after this has happened, I’m writing this article for you.
I can’t even imagine how that was possible that few years before I was trapped in a compulsive thinking.
The shift in consciousness was for sure the greatest moment in my life, I could say that I received a new life.
Awakening is freedom. I can guarantee you that.

If you are still here and you still don’t have an idea what I am talking about, I recommend you to read an article from this website that explains what is The Power Of Now.

I assume that most of you who are reading this article had already their experience with the Power Of Now.
If you have read the book and you didn’t feel NOW, I encourage you to practice. It will come. There is a reason why you are reading this.
Probably the time is NOW for you.
The article on this website that is describing “What is Mindfulness Practice” is the place to go for you.

If you know the bliss of NOW on some level, you are probably on the same page as I am. Please let me know in the comments area what is your experience.

When Now became my passion and the life goal the decision of creating the Now Watch website was just a matter of time.
Now Watch is not only about selling accessories with the “NOW” sign.
Encouraging people to practice being in the now is the mission of mine and this website.
The Mindfulness Games based on Eckhart’s teachings, that we have recently published for the first time, are only the beginning but also a very important step. This marks a milestone when we have officially started sharing our mission – make the world more conscious.
Stay tuned and stay present 🙂

One more important fact that you should know about us. We are supporting a Dominican Republic charity organization – 15% from the profits from this website go the The DREAM Project.

Thank you for reading. 
~Greg (website founder)

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