The Observer

Practice mindfulness and being present.

It’s a great way to improve every area of your life.
Being present gives you pleasant feeling of a deep inner peace and stillness.

Below we will describe a simple 15 min practice.

We suggest you to go for a walk to do this exercise.
If you can’t go for a walk, just sit comfortably (do not lie down).
Try to feel your hands, try to feel the energy within them.
If you will succeed doing that, try to feel your whole body.
It might be easier for you and more pleasant to do it during a walk.
Try to stay in touch with your hands/whole body all the time.
Then your mind will become silent.

Your job is to observe your mind.
Wait for your next thought.
Observe the mind like a rabbit hole.
Wait and observe what thought will come out next.
When a thought will appear just let it go.
Return to presence.
Feel your whole body (or just your hands if that’s easier for you).
Wait for your next thought.

Do if for 15 minutes.

When you are ready click the START button.