So why you are even here? Looking for a review of this book? My best guess would be – you have read it and wondering if it’s as magical as it appears to be. Or you tried to practice it and you felt these glimpses of the bliss and you are wondering if other people felt it as well. Or you have read it and haven’t practiced and you are trying to figure out if it’s worth it. Or the most common – you just heard about the book and considering if you should read or not.

So if you are among the last ones, I will save your time – go ahead and read it. It can change your life forever. I feel that I should warn you though – if you will take this step, there is no turning back. You will never be the same person again. It is life changing. And if you have read it and you are not in that state and you are wondering why, the answer is simple – you didn’t practice it much, did you?

The book on the very first pages or even in the first sentences is promising you something extraordinary – life changing experience, something divine. The curiosity arises. You are asking yourself questions. Is it possible? Did I miss it whole my life? Do other people have that already?

Many people felt it fast and it was a deep and fast shift in their life. There are even some celebrities among them. Some of them you probably know – like Oprah, or Jim Carrey. If you didn’t know that, you may find interesting the video below.




One moment is crucial. What will you do after reading the book? You can move on from that moment in a many different ways. If you think that now your shift in consciousness will evolve itself you might not be right. You have to start practicing it straight away. Don’t wait. You have awakened. Don’t let the ego take over again, your ego is not really who you are.

I am a member of quite a few Facebook groups concerning the topic. I was even doing polls within the groups among its members to get to know how many people got in that stage of the constant presence, deep and pleasant inner peace, the “bliss” that Eckhart Tolle is talking about.
The answer is – not so many. But very positive thing is that the great majority crossed the line and they can’t imagine getting back to the “old life”. To the life before the inner transformation. Most of them are a representation of the new generation – the people who are the pioneers in the new era called by Eckhart Tolle “A New Earth”.

The important thing for now to say is that all the people who crossed that line are missing only one thing to be in that bliss – they are missing the NOW. Which means – they have to go for it and practice a little bit more…

So what does it mean to practice The Power Of Now?

To make it very simple – presence is like a muscle. You have to train it. As default you are overtaken by your own ego and you are thinking that you are your mind. Now you probably know that you are not. You are the presence behind it (or however you want to call it). You already know that your mind is only a part of you. You have to simply practice getting into the other side. To the observer mode. To the state of ‘no mind’. Your mind will be only a tool for you that you can use and control. This will open a lot of doors for you. You will be unlimited. Unmanifested, as Eckhart says.
How to get there? Again – you have to practice. You can do it in a few different ways. Read The Power of Now again and practice, there is also other book that can help – Practicing The Power Of Now.

The Missing Element

The problem that I see is that people read the book and don’t practice. If you will awaken and you will feel the bliss of presence it will become a life goal for you to stay present. It will be a goal that you don’t have to pursue. You can achieve it Here and Now. And this is the beauty of it. You already have everything you need within you. There’s nothing else you need to get or own or learn. You can’t achieve awakening in the future as there is no future. All you have is the present moment.
You can awaken only NOW. 
It’s so simple. 
It’s good to read the book to get to this realization, but if you already have read the book then you don’t have to look further. Just practice it.
You can start NOW. 
The results can be astonishing. I promise you that. 

Because many people didn’t do that second necessary step (practice) The Power Of Now book is not spreading around the world as viral as it could. Awakening and revolution in the collective consciousness is also not booming as it should. 

What can we all change in this trend is to practice and share it with others – as simple as that. People will see the positive change within you and they will be willing to have the same as you do.  

How To Practice The Power Of Now

There are few portals that will bring you to the present moment. Eckhart Tolle is describing them within his books and other publications. These are: 

      • Feeling your hands

      • Feeling your whole body

      • Focusing on your breath

      • Accepting everything as it is now

      • Listening to the silence around you

      • Observing your mind – waiting for your next thought

    You don’t have to use all of them always. When you will try them out just stay with the one that will bring you the best results – will take you to the NOW. 

    Here’s a short animated video that you can bookmark – it describes the gateways to the now:




    You can find on this website another article that is describing Practicing The Power Of Now in more details.
    I strongly encourage you to read it and to start the practice. 

    We have also a FREE Online Game on this website that you can head down to now – it is an everyday tool to practice The Power Of Now – THE OBSERVER

    Good luck and stay present :)

    The Power Of Now Book Review

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    1. I have just heard about this book and how magical it is. How it can change the way one thinks and how it can influence ones lifestyle. On your site, I’m seeing that the power of now book have worked for even celebrities who have spoken about how it has impacted their lives. I think I should get it too and learn about living in the present. Thank you for this short review.

      1. Hi Henderson, yes there were quite a few celebrities that publicly endorsed somehow this book. From Wikipedia: “When Paris Hilton was incarcerated at the Century Regional Detention Facility in California in June 2007 she brought with her a copy of The Power of Now. Singer Annie Lennox chose The Power of Now as one of her “desert island books”, as did the comedian Tony Hawks. Singer Katy Perry stated that she was inspired to write “This Moment”, a song from her 2013 album Prism, after she heard the audio book of The Power of Now

    2. Hello there, I’ve actually heard about the book and it seem finny to me how these things can be possible. For some time now I’ve been looking for any piece of information about this book so I can understand better. Reading through this review I was smiling all through. I’d love to read the book “The power of now” and definitely practice it and I’ll come back to give a feedback. Thanks for sharing light on it. 

      1. Hi Dane, that’s amazing. I’m really curious about your feedback after reading the book. Let me know if you will have a moment. Glad that you have found this review in a proper time for you – now :)

    3. Practice the Power of Now, very intriguing. gets me thinking of why it has always been about ‘I will do it later’. Those are very intriguing facts of the mind. I feel like I am already in the book and I see what it can do to me. I love the power of NOW. Maybe it can fix the procrastinator in me.

      Thank you for such an interesting suggestion.

      I will surely get the book for myself.

    4. Awesome review!

      I’ve read a few number of books with similar messages about living in the present, being mindful, and also being grateful–it’s a very zen-like message–but this book was really different. Tolle explains that we are not our thoughts.

      Upon my second reading of this book, I realized that any form of negativity I might have in the moment actually a reflection of my resistance to the present moment – a refusal to accept the here and now (which is the only reality).


      1. Hi Jordan – yes exactly. As Eckhart says in the book – if you are finding your situation as a negative then either you have to accept it or remove yourself from the situation, everything else is a madness. And as you have said – Eckhart is explaining things that possibly others had said before but in a way that people awaken during the lecture. Thank to this book people see what they haven’t seen before.

    5. Hmm! The beauty of being in the present and living in the now is one thing that can create a sense of reawakening and self awareness to k ow what to do and the reason to do it while being in the moment. I heard a lot about the book already and the review that I just read about it has awaken my curiosity towards this book. I must surely get myself a copy of this. Thanks

    6. To a busy person like me, busy in online business, this is quite a challenge. But I’ll do it anyway, to break the routine in my life and try something new. Or, to become more effective by instilling more discipline on me. I’ve tried Yoga and other meditations but it seems something is lacking. Thanks for sharing this, this is new to me, there’s no guarantee but I’ll do it anyway.

      1. I had a same feelings about yoga and meditation, but The Power Of Now caused this shift within me. I finally understood what yoga and meditation was about in its essence. I hope you will give it a try or simply read the book. For busy business people it will also bring great benefits. It will clear your mind and you will be able to see things from a greater perspective. Thank you for the comment

    7. Excellent article about the power of now,I was encouraged and lifted even reading little words,its fascinating,and increasing someone morale to take action,I learned a new tactics to achieve greater height in life,I love this point;Listening to the silence around you because when am alone I normally receive idea and strategy of success,kudos to your writing prowess,thank you sharing.

      1. Thank you for the nice comment. Yes I find it that when I’m writing about it it is just a pure flow and at the end when I ready it myself I’m surprised that I can write that well ;) Almost as it wouldn’t be me writing. I guess just when you are writing about something that you love it flows from the depths of your heart and the end effect looks good. 

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