The Power Of Now – my honest book review

So why you are even here? Looking for a review of this book? My best guess would be – you have read it and wondering if it’s as magical as it appears to be. Or you tried to practice it and you felt these glimpses of the bliss and you are wondering if other people felt it as well. Or you have read it and haven’t practiced and you are trying to figure out if it’s worth it. Or the most common – you just heard about the book and considering if you should read or not.

So if you are among the last ones, I will save your time – go ahead and read it. It can change your life forever. I feel that I should warn you though – if you will take this step, there is no turning back. You will never be the same person again. It is life changing. And if you have read it and you are not in that state and you are wondering why, the answer is simple – you didn’t practice it much, did you?

The book on the very first pages or even in the first sentences is promising you something extraordinary – life changing experience, something divine. The curiosity arises. You are asking yourself questions. Is it possible? Did I miss it whole my life? Do other people have that already?
Many people felt it fast and it was a deep and fast shift in their life. There are even some celebrities among them. Some of them you probably know – like Oprah, or Jim Carrey. If you didn’t know that, you may find interesting the video below.

One moment is crucial. What will you do after reading the book? You can move on from that moment in a many different ways. If you think that now your shift in consciousness will evolve itself you might not be right. You have to start practicing it straight away. Don’t wait. You have awakened. Don’t let the ego take over again, your ego is not really who you are.
I am a member of quite a few Facebook groups concerning the topic. I was even doing polls within the groups among its members to get to know how many people got in that stage of the constant presence, deep and pleasant inner peace, the “bliss” that Eckhart Tolle is talking about. The answer is – not so many. But very positive thing is that the great majority crossed the line and they can’t imagine getting back to the “old life”. To the life before the inner transformation. Most of them are a representation of the new generation – the people who are the pioneers in the new era called by Eckhart Tolle “A New Earth”. The important thing for now to say is that all the people who crossed that line are missing only one thing to be in that bliss – they are missing the NOW. Which means – they only have to go for it and practice a little bit more…

So what does it mean to practice The Power Of Now?

To make it very simple – presence is like a muscle. You have to train it. As default you are overtaken by your own ego and you are thinking that you are your mind. Now you probably know that you are not. You are the presence behind it (or however you want to call it). You already know that your mind is only a part of you. You have to simply practice getting into the other side. To the observer mode. To the state of ‘no mind’. Your mind will be only a tool for you that you can use and control. This will open a lot of doors. You will be unlimited. Unmanifested, as Eckhart says.
How to get there? Again – you have to practice. You can do it in a few different ways. Read The Power of Now again and practice, there is also other book that can help – Practicing The Power Of Now.
We have also created a daily practice that is very effective and can give you amazing results. You can read about it here.

Good luck and stay present 🙂

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