Today (3rd July 2019) The Time is NOW to briefly tell you where are we with NOWwatch website and what are our plans for the future.

My name is Greg and I’m the founder of NOWwatch website.
I’m pretty amazed by the feedback and overall response that I’m receiving from the people who interact with our business. I’m very happy that most of you noticed that it’s not only about the online store and selling products, but we are doing more and this is only a beginning of a great journey.
The most exciting thing about this journey is that we know very well that the journey is the destination. And the Time is Now to enjoy it.

now watch on a man's hand
If you are looking for our famous NOW Watches – click here.

One of the milestones that changed a lot in people perception about us was the moment when we have introduced our Mindfulness Game.
It has gathered a lot interest from the moment of introduction and it was the time when people noticed that we are more than just a watch-selling-business.
The game is for free at the moment – we want to share the mindfulness movement with the World as much as we can, as we see the future in it for all the human race and our beautiful planet (we believe that only showing people how to open their eyes by being present/mindful, can save our planet from destruction that is in progress).

Soon after we introduced the first mindfulness game (card game) we have created a second game (online game) called The Observer. I really recommend you to try it as it is here and it is for free.
These two Mindfulness Games are only the beginning – a good example of a direction where we will go with this website.
Soon you will see more.

The few sentences above have probably already given you an idea about our mission – we want to share with the world as much as we can the message that practicing mindfulness can bring amazing effects to all of us.

Regarding upcoming products – we are planning to add few more things to our online store – we are going into direction of eco products. We will have more wooden watches, watches with ‘now’ sign written in different languages, bamboo straws, bamboo sunglasses and more bracelets. We want to be as eco friendly as possible and try to make our audience reconsider what kind of products they are using in their daily life.

Regarding upcoming blogs – we will blog more. Mostly about mindfulness as the term was for a long time misleading for many people. Mindfulness should mean for everybody simple thing – the need to practice being present as much as possible. This is the key to everything. Literally.

Regarding future projects – as I mentioned before, the focus will be on practicing mindfulness. As long as we like our gadgets – watches and all mindfulness reminders – we will focus on Games, Exercises, Live Events. Also YouTube channel will come into the game soon – we will explain on the videos how to practice mindfulness / being present.

Regarding publications – I (Greg, the founder of the website) have in mind a small publication – and ebook, and hopefully shortly after a small book – that will focus on practicing being in the now.
Practice is the missing element in all the teachings that people follow currently. Just by reading a book you can’t be fully present / mindful.
A book can open your eyes, but in order to keep them open and open them broader – you need to practice. Don’t worry though – it might be the most pleasant practice that you did in your life.

Regarding our partners – currently we officially support one organization – The DREAM Project – 15 % from the profits from this website go to this non-profit organization.

We are really excited about this journey ahead – keep in touch with us and come back every once in a while to check out what’s new. 
All the best and stay present. 

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