What Is Spiritual Awakening And How To Achieve It

There are already many people in this world that have received a new life. A life of freedom and inner peace.
I’m talking here about the people who have awakened from the dream reality created by their egoistic minds.
Awakening can come with a bliss that can last constantly for months or even years, it can also surely destroy the world that you have known before.

What is Spiritual Awakening

Awakening or Spiritual Awakening is basically the moment when as a result of seeking the truth or maybe some event in your life you woke up from the dream-state of believing that you are your mind. Suddenly you start to feel that you are the consciousness behind your mind, that you are rooted in a vast space beyond the mind that is only observing the mind and the whole reality around.
You open your eyes possibly for the first time in your life feeling that you were living in a mind-driven dream before.
It is normal to feel a pleasant bliss and to not understand what has really  happened to you. It is also normal to feel that some profound change has happened within you.
Observing your thoughts from a back seat position and seeing that you are no longer identified with your ego is a normal consequence.
After awakening you know that you are something far greater than you thought you are.
The quality of your life improves, your mind can become sharper and more intelligent, the fears and boundaries of your mind are dissolving and most importantly – you start to see that you are an inseparable part of the universe.
It is not important if you name this phenomenon as an awakening, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, nirvana, being present in the now, being united with God or you will use any other name. In essence it is all the same.
It is a state about which all the religions and all the spiritual teachers were talking about throughout the ages.

How To Achieve The Spiritual Awakening

There are many books that can help you get there and many books that will explain you what awakening essentially is and how it can impact you.
A very approachable book to get to the first ‘aha moment’ or even experience the awakening itself is ‘The Power Of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle.
Also the first chapters of ‘The Untethered Soul‘ by Michael A. Singer can open your eyes.
For understanding the awakening when it has already happened to you I recommend the book ‘The End Of Your World’ by Adyashanti.
There are possibly other books or publications that will do the same for you. Don’t pay attention to the names, titles or terms – it all leads to one direction. If you are ready to awaken (and if you are reading this – you probably are) you are just one step away.

The Problem With The Awakened

The very common thing that I see among the people that have experienced the spiritual awakening is that they are shortly after overtaken again by their minds.
The obsessive and noisy thought patterns are coming back.
From the other side the milestone of the enlightenment will always stay somehow within you. You have already crossed the line. However in many cases the state of your consciousness does not reflect that at all. If you are awakened enough you can even see that yourself. You can see for yourself that your mind has overtaken you again and it is hard for you to get to the state of freedom again.
This is nothing unusual or wrong. You were in that dream-state created by your own mind for many years. It may be difficult to detach from it in the beginning.
You may as well see it as a some kind of paradox – you know that you are not your mind yet you know you are trapped in it.

If you are in that state of impasse, it means that you may have to take some action to get out of this state.
A very underestimated publication of Eckhart Tolle may help you here.
As you probably know, Eckhart Tolle has written the famous book ‘The Power Of Now’. This book however is not a straight guide on how to achieve and stay in the state of enlightenment.
There is a second book that followed ‘The Power Of Now’ book called ‘Practicing The Power Of Now’. This book is more focused on the practical side of awakening.
If you are not able to stay awakened (stay present in the now, observing your mind and the reality around), there are ways that can take you there. You need to simply practice.
There’s also another publication of the same author called ‘Gateways To Now’ where he is also explaining the portals that you can use to enter the state of NOW (don’t pay attention to any names or terms), where the true enlightenment lies.

Below are listed all the important points from both publications.

How To Stay Present / Be In The Spiritual Enlightenment State

  • Feel your own hands. Feel the energy within them. Feel them as they are. Focus on them. This is an easy exercise for the start.
  • Feel your whole body. Scan your body. Don’t think about it. Feel it internally. Feel the energy within your body.
  • Focus on your breath. Take a few breaths – in and out. Focus on the feeling of breathing.
  • Listen to the silence around you. There is always some dimension of silence around you. Hear the silence. Listen to it. Look for the silence among the sounds. The dimension of the silence is there. Look for it. It will take away the attention from the mind.
  • Observe your own mind like a rabbit hole and wait for your next thought. What thought will come out next? Wait and observe. Observe your mind. When the thought will arise – just let it go. You can go for a walk and do this exercise. It is very powerful.
  • Accept everything as it is. Surrender to the reality as it is. Accept everything for the moment. Accept everything as it is this moment. Don’t assess it or judge it. Just take it as it is. Surrender to everything. Just let it go.

All the described above are a powerful portals. You don’t need all of them. One is enough. You don’t have to practice all of them, you may find that only some of them / one of them works for you.
What you should do is to start practice. Start practicing NOW.

This can be the key to liberation for you.

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