Wooden Watches

We are very happy to present you probably one of the most beautiful wooden watches on the market, possibly the best quality ones, not forgetting that they are also one of the cheapest.

One thing is however the most important and 100% sure – every wooden watch that we offer carries the best life ideology out there – to Live The NOW.

There’s an important and ongoing discussion about eco-friendly materials. Wooden watches, other wood products and all the materials that are made of natural resources, and are fully biodegradable, are in general considered as the eco-friendly ones.

We encourage you to manifest the eco way of life. As difficult as it is in the modern times, we constantly need to look for a way to leave in a more eco-friendly way.

Wearing a watch made of wood is a great conversation starter.

Wooden watches are capturing quickly people’s attention and provoking people to start talks about movement towards a more ‘green’ way of life.

Wood species that we use for the production of the watches are: Zebrawood, Sandalwood, Bamboo. All of the woods that we use are not on the list of endangered plants contained in the international CITES convention. That means that all the mentioned wood genres, that we use to manufacture our Now Watches, are safe to use and allowed for trade.

All the wooden watches that we sell are made of very high quality materials. Zebrawood and Sandalwood are on of the most expensive hardwoods out there.

Bamboo is a super strong, very common and environmental friendly plant.

Giving to the eco-friendliness many thinking and investigations we would like to share the bigger picture with you. As we are designing our watches and other goods directly with China producers, we observe the larger scale of the process.
Let’s all be aware that all the production that exist in the world is not eco-friendly by its definition. All types of production causes some sort of contamination. It is the same with our daily lives – by using electricity, cars, buying goods, we are always doing actions that are not necessarily supporting our environment and the whole Planet Earth.

Please be mindful about your every step and think about our planet as your home. The only one that you have.

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